Wellness and Development


Net Sports!

The warm weather is here and the students have been working hard during their Net Sports units! As the younger students are developing their badminton skills, the 4th-8th grades have been mastering volleyball. The 5th grade girls have developed quite the rivalry with the middle school as they compete almost every recess with plenty of onlookers!

Capture The Ball!


We brought in the New Year with some classic group games. Different variations of Capture the Ball have brought forth some new displays of talent and advanced team working skills. As students continue to explore areas out of their comfort zone, they are naturally encouraged by their classmates!

The Ultimate Team Trivia Challenge


Thanks to the December weather, students have been engaging in a variety of team challenges that focus on inclusion, positively working with peers towards a common goal and overcoming adversity. Getting to know our peers more and celebrating group success has been a great way to wind down 2018 and get ready for strengthening class unity in 2019!

Hockey Unit




Our Seraphs have started their hockey unit in this frosty winter weather! We celebrated the NHL coming to Seattle in grades 2-8 by blasting music and working on our stick handling and face-offs. There is some natural hockey talent shining through as the students have been giving 100% to learning new skills in this unit!